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Logotype of Journal: 'Hellinki Iatriki'
Official Journal of the Thessaloniki Medical Society
Editorial Comission
I. Papapanagiotou

Honorary Manager Editor:
Ν. Asimis

Manager Editor:
I. Triantopoulos

Substitute Manager Editor:
E. Akriviadis

Superintendents Editor:
K. Kallaras, S. Karagiannis

E. Alexopoulos, S. Aslanidis
E. Vrettou, E. Giakoustidis, X. Destouni
A. Kallinderis, K. Malaka, A. Minas
Ch. Semoglou, K. Siamoulis, N. Charlaftis

Useful Information
Shape: 21x28

Circulation: Every 2 months (6 issues per year)

Public: Members of Medicine Company of Thessaloniki, Pathologists Doctors and Universal

Tiraz: 3.500 copies
Cover of magazine: 'Helliniki Iatriki'
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